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Iowa Senate: Ernst One Point Ahead of Braley

Des Moines Register, 10/3 – 10/8

Iowa Senate

  • Joni Ernst – Republican – 47%
  • Bruce Braley – Democrat – 46%

The Des Moines Register has released a poll that asked 1,000 likely voters several questions regarding the Iowa senate. Both candidates are neck and neck. The Republican Joni Ernst scored 47 percent of the vote, while the Democrat Bruce Braley had 46 percent. This race has been very close in the past few weeks and that looks unlikely to change.

Braley and Ernst had very similar favorability ratings. 47 percent of the voters see Ernst as favorable, while 43 percent do not. For Braley, 44 percent see him as favorable and 43 percent do not.

The poll asked voters several questions regarding politically recognizable names and whether or not they would help or harm the campaign of either candidate. For Ernst, 69 percent of the voters saw support from Chuck Grassley as positive, 67 percent said the same for Terry Branstad, while 56 and 50 percent believed Sarah Palin and the Koch brothers were detrimental to her cause.

For Braley, 65, 60, and 52 percent thought that Bill Clinton, Tom Harkin, and Hillary Clinton could help, while 53 percent saw Barack Obama as a wedge in Braley’s campaign.

In terms of important issues, unemployment and jobs ranked at the top with 19 percent of the votes, healthcare with 15 percent, the federal deficit with 14 percent, terrorism with 13 percent, and immigration with 12 percent.

59 percent of Iowans believe that the U.S. shouldn’t rule out the possibility of deploying soldiers into the Middle-East, while 32 percent believe they should steer clear of the region. 52 percent of voters believe that the U.S. must intervene to maintain its image internationally as the global military leader.

Braley’s campaign was also humiliated recently when Michelle Obama delivered a speech where she mispronounced his name several times in the process, calling him “Bailey” instead of his actual name.

Photo credit: The Debate Place.