The latest on the presidential horse race.

Iowa: Trump Overtakes Carson, Clinton Maintains

The latest Iowa poll has been released by CNN/ORC. According to the results, Donald Trump has managed to overtake Ben Carson, while Hillary Clinton has maintained a massive leader over Bernie Sanders.

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 55%
  • Bernie Sanders – 37%

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 25%
  • Ben Carson – 23%
  • Marco Rubio – 13%
  • Ted Cruz – 11%
  • Jeb Bush – 5%

Trump and Carson continue to trade the lead. Carson’s recent success suggests that he is a legitimate candidate that could win the Republican nomination. Between Trump and Carson, the Republican Party has two very different candidates that are capable of targeting specific demographics within the party’s voting bloc. However, if they want to pick a candidate with mass appeal, they may have to consider pushing forward with Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush, but such a move may risk their chances of electing the next president in 2016.

Clinton’s campaign seems unstoppable at this point. Even though she has been cornered several times and caught lying, her numbers continue to rise and she is cementing her lead against Sanders. The socialist label is damaging Sander’s popularity in the polls as many voters see the term as a dirty word, despite its true progressive meaning.

Photo credit: Salon.