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Majority of Americans Not Happy with the Direction of the Country

A recent poll by The Economist / YouGov has revealed that a large majority of Americans are unhappy with the current direction of the country. Many major events have occurred over the course of the last year. There has been the Syrian crisis, the Ukrainian crisis, and the massive gridlock in Congress. All of these issues have made the U.S. government appear weak and incapable. cumulus_uploads document gspa3er3r4 trackingreport.pdf

Accounting for slight fluctuations, 59-62 percent of adults and registered voters believe that the country is on the wrong track, another 28-32 percent believe that the country is heading in the right direction, and 9-13 percent have no opinion on the matter. The data collected is as recent as June 28-30th, 2014 and dates as far back as one year ago.

In the last year the U.S. government has demonstrated its ability to be the loudest member in the room, but that it has little follow through, and that it is severely lacking in credibility. In Syria, President Barack Obama condemned the government and its actions, but little was done to solve the issues at hand. When Russia escalated tensions with Ukraine, the United States wagged its finger and told the Russians that they were bad, but they didn’t intervene or follow through on their ultimatums. Finally, Congress engaged in an embarrassing furlough this year due to the culmination of partisan politics that left both parties unable to agree on any decisions.

Is there anything to look forward to and will these numbers improve? With an election only two years away, likely not. In fact, they will probably continue to decline as each party focuses on inflating their candidate for the presidency. The needs of the average American will continue to be ignored and this will cause the numbers to continue their downward spiral.

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