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Monmouth University Poll Has Trump and Carson Tied in Iowa

Yesterday’s poll by the Des Moines Register showed that Donald Trump had a slight lead over Ben Carson. Today’s poll by Monmouth University has revealed that Trump and Carson are tied for the Republican presidential nomination.

Who would you vote for from the Republican Party?

  • Donald Trump – 23%
  • Ben Carson – 32%
  • Carly Fiorina – 10%
  • Ted Cruz – 9%
  • Scott Walker – 7%
  • Jeb Bush – 5%

For the first time in a major poll, a fellow Republican candidate has managed to tie the unstoppable Trump. For over a month, Trump has led every major poll that didn’t suffer from regional bias. However, in this poll, Carson tied Trump, an impressive feat at the very least, and a clear sign that voters are starting to recognize him as a serious candidate with a valid platform.

Much of Trump’s success has resulted from his abrupt and abrasive personality which he uses to his advantage by pushing his own agenda and refusing to pander to anyone. Carson on the other hand, is a lot more calm and calculated. Having trained as a neurosurgeon, he understands the importance of approaching a situation from an advantageous situation and that strategy has affected the way he conducts his campaign. In addition, his debate performance was very strong and he caught the attention of voters.

Photo credit: The Root.