The latest on the presidential horse race.

New Hampshire: Sanders Wins Two Polls over Clinton

The two latest polls out of New Hampshire, by CNN/WMUR and ARG have placed Bernie Sanders ahead of Clinton. In the CNN poll, Sanders nearly doubled his total over Clinton.


  • Bernie Sanders – 60%
  • Hillary Clinton – 33%


  • Bernie Sanders – 49%
  • Hillary Clinton – 43%

Sanders continues to build on his impressive numbers, slaughtering Clinton in the CNN poll and edging her out in a more narrow race in the ARG poll.

Clinton is still the favorite to win the Democratic nomination, but her campaign is in trouble and much of the blame can be placed on her complacency. For too long, Clinton didn’t take Sanders seriously. As the months rolled on, Sanders built momentum, campaigned hard, and showed voters that he is a genuine candidate that cares about their interests.

During Sunday’s debate, many believed Sanders won, parrying all of Clinton’s attacks. The current state of Clinton’s campaign is reminiscent to how she performed against Barack Obama in 2008 and if she doesn’t find a way to undermine Sanders soon, she may suffer the same fate once again.

As for Sanders, so long as he sticks to his plan, he could very seriously challenge Clinton and take the nomination from her. Iowa is coming up soon and Sanders is already polling well there and has developed a strong support base. The next stop, New Hampshire, was the focus of these polls, and if the results were any indication, Sanders is ready to challenge Clinton and win the nomination.

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