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New Hampshire: Trump Leads Polls Post-Debate

A recent poll by Franklin Pierce University and the Boston Herald has revealed that Donald Trump continues to lead the Republicans despite his recent comments regarding Planned Parenthood and his sexist comments regarding Megyn Kelly and other female reporters.

  • Which Republican candidate would you vote for?
    • Donald Trump – 17%
    • Jeb Bush – 10%
    • Marco Rubio – 10%
    • Scott Walker – 9%
    • Ben Carson – 8%

Trump has been mired in controversy, a common theme in his campaign, after he suggested that Megyn Kelly was on her period and that another female reporter only had her job because she was good looking. On top of that, he also made it clear that he supports Planned Parenthood, just not for abortions. The final point is a dangerous one to make for a Republican candidate and it could cost him votes in an election, even if it was a logical statement.

Walker and Bush have been struggling in the polls since the debate. Their performances were flat and they lost ground to both Trump and Carson. An Iowa poll put Bush in 5th, while a general poll had him tied for 2nd with Rubio.

The only saving grace for the other candidates are Trump’s poor approval ratings. In the Boston Herald poll, he scored a 46 percent unfavorable rating. However, despite Trump’s disastrous comments, he continues to lead the party as the most popular candidate and much of that is due to the fact that he is consistent in his beliefs and doesn’t pander to any specific audiences.

Photo credit: ABC News.