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North Carolina: Clinton Beats Trump, Loses to Bush and Carson

The latest poll by Elon University has showcased the results from North Carolina. Hillary Clinton managed to beat Donald Trump, but she lost in individual matchups against Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.

Hillary Clinton vs. the Republicans:

  • Hillary Clinton 47% – Donald Trump 40%
  • Hillary Clinton 43% – Jeb Bush 46%
  • Hillary Clinton 41% – Ben Carson 52%

Clinton managed to beat Trump, arguably the most important candidate to beat at the moment, but her loss to the more astute candidates, Bush and Carson, is worrying for the Democrats as they may push Trump out if they continue to embarrass him on important political policies.

One of the major advantages that the Democrats have at the moment is their ability to avoid getting linked into racially charged discussions like all three Republican candidates have. Trump has challenged Mexican-Americans, Bush is facing criticism for suggesting that African-Americans accept free things from the Democrats, and Carson has alienated Muslim-Americans by suggesting that they could never become president.

As the polls continue to flush out, Clinton is holding her ground, but even she is under siege by Bernie Sanders, who continues to climb the polls and challenge her for the top spot in the Democrats. Regardless of which candidate wins, both Clinton and Sanders should be able to beat any of the major Republican candidates, who continue to focus on issues like religion in a modern era where religion is an outdated topic.

Photo credit: GMA Yahoo.