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Obama’s Approval Ratings Continue to Suffer

A new poll by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that President Barack Obama’s approval rating has continued to decline over the course of the last month. These changes are not surprising considering the current political climate of Washington. Will they continue to decline, or can the Obama Administration patch up their bleeding wounds?

Data from the most recent poll suggested that 46 percent approved of Obama and 53 percent disapproved. Obama’s approval ratings have steadily declined in the last month. One month ago, his approval rating hovered around a 49-50 percent, however, the numbers are now dipping to a 45-47 percent. There appears to be no end in sight due to the deadlock in Congress. Could this change?

With midterm elections on the horizon, Obama is taking advantage of the opportunity to go on the offensive in an effort to damage the reputation of the Republicans. “Republicans in Congress, they’re patriots, they love their country, they love their families,” he said from the Key Bridge. “They just have a flawed theory of the economy that they can’t seem to get past. . . . That’s their worldview. I’m sure they sincerely believe it. It’s just not accurate. It does not work.”

Will a strategy like this lead to an increase in his approval ratings? Obama’s reputation is already doomed. He has already severely damaged his credibility. However, he is capable of vilifying the Republicans, a move that would help the Democrats in the upcoming elections. By making the Republicans out to be the enemy of the average American, which in many cases, is rightfully deserved, can provide ammunition for the Democrats to use in an election. The Democrats will have to effectively communicate to the average American that they were not responsible for the gridlocks that plagued Congress and that the Republicans were the real culprits. If they can achieve this, their approval ratings will rise.

Photo credit: AP / Pablo Martinez Monsivais