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Obama’s Median Approval Ratings Remain around 40-43 Percent

Gallup / The Economist / Rasmussen Reports, 7/26/14

President Obama Job Approval

  • Gallup – 40% Approve / 54% Disapprove
  • The Economist – 42% Approve / 56% Disapprove
  • Rasmussen Reports – 47% Approve / 52% Disapprove

President Barack Obama’s approval ratings have remained consistent over the course of the summer. As reported by three separate polling institutions, the average approval rating is 43 percent while the disapproval rating is 54 percent. Obama has been consistent so far and any minor declines in his approval rating have likely been caused by the looming lawsuit of House Speaker John Boehner and the threat of impeachment from Congressional Republicans.

Obama signed a LGBT executive order that protects the rights of LGBT workers. This decision has slightly affected Obama’s approval ratings on both ends, depending on the political party that the individuals polled support.

Interestingly, Gallup compared Obama’s 22nd quarter approval ratings to those of past presidents. Listed below are the results:

  • Eisenhower / 53% / 3 polls
  • Nixon / 26% / 7 polls
  • Reagan / 64% / 4 polls
  • Clinton / 61.6% / 5 polls
  • G.W. Bush / 35.8% / 8 polls
  • Obama / 43.2% / 88 polls

Obama ranks higher than George W. Bush and Richard Nixon while all of the other names are substantially higher than Obama. However, Obama has also been exposed to a much larger number of polls than any of the past presidents listed. In addition, many of the president’s with high approval ratings are subject to context. Eisenhower benefited from the massive boom of the 1950s, Reagan was riding the waves of Reaganomics and the conservative policies of the 1980s, and Clinton benefited from NAFTA and US policy in the 1990s.

Obama’s approval ratings will continue to hover around the low 40s as long as the partisan divide remains strongly intact. Barring any international blunders, substantial legislation that is scored as a decisive victory for the Democrats, or Republican embarrassments, Obama’s numbers will remain static into the upcoming elections.

Photo credit: Reuters