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Obama’s Shortcomings and Why the Republicans Stole the Midterms

Rasmussen Reports

Obamas Ratings on Major Issues

With the midterm elections past us, the Republicans have gained control of the Senate and they have increased their advantage in Congress. This election was a direct attack on President Barack Obama and the overall dismal nature of his administration.

Issue Good Poor
Taxes 34% 44%
Government Spending 33% 51%
Economy 40% 45%
National Security 38% 41%
Deficit Reduction 36% 44%
Economic Fairness 39% 39%
Gun Control 29% 41%
Immigration 27% 51%
Job Creation 32% 47%
Issues Related to Small Business 32% 48%
Social Security 34% 39%
Health Care 38% 47%
Energy Policy 38% 42%
Environmental Issues 39% 37%

Across the board, in the eyes of voters, Obama failed on almost every issue. Certain issues stand out more to voters. Generally, these are issues like taxes, national security, immigration, job creation, health care, and more.

Obamacare was largely unpopular, but for all the wrong reasons. It helped the lives of countless Americans, but the average voter allowed themselves to be convinced that healthcare coverage was bad for them and that it was costly.

ISIS made the news due to its brutality in the last few months. This made the United States look soft and unable to deal with the terrorist group. Even though they stepped up the bombing runs and have increased their response, it wasn’t enough for voters.

The economy made a strong recovery under Obama, but wages did not. Employees continue to be paid less for jobs that require more experience and more skills. Voters are frustrated as the gap between the rich and poor continues to widen and there appears to be no end in sight. New jobs were created, but the majority of them were part-time jobs that provide no real economic benefit to the economy. As the average American struggles, the flaws in the taxation system become more apparent. The rich do not pay their fair share of taxes; they find creative loopholes, while the average American is forced to foot the bill.

The immigration crisis was also a disaster. This issue was clearly divided on party lines and it made the Democrats appear weak, something that they couldn’t afford with elections looming.

Photo credit: AP.