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Oberweis Is Catching up to Durbin in the Illinois Senate Race

Sun-Times / We Ask America, 8/27 – 8/27

Illinois Senate

  • Dick Durbin – Democrat – 47.8%
  • Jim Oberweis – Republican – 40.5%
  • Sharon Hansen – Libertarian – 4.1%
  • Undecided – 7.9%

We Ask America conducted a poll on August 27 that analyzed the Illinois Senate race. The poll surveyed 1,054 voters and asked them which candidate they would vote for if an election were to take place today. 47.8% of voters chose Democrat Dick Durbin, 40.5% Republican Jim Oberweis, 4.1% Libertarian Sharon Hansen, and 7.9% were undecided.

In April, a Rasmussen Reports poll showed Durbin with a +14, a July CBS News / NYT / YouGov poll showed that the lead had dropped to +8, and in the most recent poll, Durbin is only +7. His lead has been slowly dwindling as his opponent continues to gain steam. Why is this? Many believe that it has a lot to do with how long Durbin has been in Washington and voters are starting to believe that it is time to bring in a new face.

The survey also revealed that 60% of voters were less to vote for a U.S. Senate candidate who had already served over 31 years in Washington, an accomplishment that Durbin holds. However, data also showed that 39% of voters didn’t let that influence their decision. Oberweis has continuously attacked Durbin and called him a career politician in his attacks.

“Career politicians like Dick Durbin are starting to drown in the backwash of their failed policies. The public is tired of excuses and blame shifting,” Dan Curry, a campaign spokesman for Oberweis, responded in a statement. “They want more jobs, a better economy, better schools and safer neighborhoods — not what they are getting from Dick Durbin.”

In terms of key issues, 37.3% of voters trust Durbin on immigration, 32.1% Oberweis, 4.4% Sharon Hansen, and 26.2% were undecided. Durbin edged out Oberweis for women’s votes. He received 49% of the vote while Oberweis only secured 37%.

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