The latest on the presidential horse race.

Poll Roundup: Trump Takes Two, Clinton One

The latest polls by CBS News/NY Times, FOX News, and Rasmussen Reports have ended in a 2-1 victory for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

CBS News / NY Times

  • Hillary Clinton – 47%
  • Donald Trump – 41%

FOX News

  • Donald Trump – 45%
  • Hillary Clinton – 42%

Rasmussen Reports

  • Donald Trump – 42%
  • Hillary Clinton – 37%

Trump and Clinton continue to trade blows, but it’s the Republican Party that continues to walk away with more victories in these preliminary polls. Will these results last? Likely not, but it is extremely telling of how unpopular Clinton is in the eyes of voters and how some Democrats dislike her so much that they may even consider voting for Trump.

In reality, Trump is not a Republican. He ran for the Republican Party because it was the only party that he could win the nomination for. His campaign rhetoric is nothing but nonsense and his true policies are more centrist and business focused. Like any businessman, Trump likes money, and money is where his policies will go.

Like Trump, Clinton likes money too. However, she works tirelessly to hide that fact, and it is something that voters have easily picked up on over the years. Clinton favors progressive reform, but she doesn’t have the willpower to see it through unless it will score her a major reputation gain. If elected, she will be a centrist true and true and this is something that American voters will have to come to terms with.

Photo credit: The Fiscal Times.