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Polling Trends in Iowa: Cruz Ties Trump, Clinton Hemorrhages Lead to Sanders

The latest polling trends for Iowa by Huffpost Pollster have revealed a drastically changing political landscape between the two parties. For the Republicans, Ted Cruz has caught Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders has evaporated for the Democrats.

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 28%
  • Ted Cruz – 28%

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 46%
  • Bernie Sanders – 42%

Trump used to dominate the polls in Iowa, clobbering all of his opponents. Now, Cruz has managed to tie him and is breathing down his neck. The recent birther movement drama has done little to dent Cruz’s numbers and he continues to present himself as a legitimate candidate that is capable of challenging Trump for the Republican nomination.

For the other Republican candidates like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Ben Carson, there is little chance that they will challenge either Trump or Cruz. Rubio is a respectable candidate, but he hasn’t been able to capture the interest of voters and it seems unlikely that he will be able to accomplish this in time.

Clinton’s numbers in the polls are astonishing, and not in a good way. She used to lead the Democrats by such wide margins that most considered her a guarantee. This has drastically changed and Sanders is now a legitimate challenger that may overtake her in the coming weeks.

With the Iowa caucuses weeks away, Sanders is in a great position to win the state and to carry forward into the other primaries with enough momentum to cause an uproar and to force the Clinton campaign into action.

Photo credit: USA Today.