The latest on the presidential horse race.

Post Debate Poll Has Trump TIED with Clinton

The latest general election poll by LA Times/USC Tracking has revealed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 44%
  • Hillary Clinton – 44%

We have not seen a tie in many weeks. After Trump’s epic meltdown, the polls have heavily favored Hillary Clinton, even in ones that tend to lean right.

Trump put in a respectable performance at Wednesday night’s presidential debate. Given how rabid he was at the previous two debates, Trump was a lot more tame and on point.

In contrast, the Democrats suffered this week after WikiLeaks exposed them via multiple leaks. In these leaks, various staffers were caught engaging in questionable behavior, and in one case, a major staffer even incited other Democrats to antagonize Trump’s supporters at his rallies.

Still, this election appears to be all but wrapped up for Clinton. The post-debate polls declared her the winner, even if she won by less than she did in the previous two debates. Clinton should be able to defeat Trump on Nov. 8 because she is the better prepared candidate and she knows how to woo the majority of Americans.

Trump may be able to put up a fight against Clinton, but he failed to unify his own party and he still struggles with major demographics, like African-Americans, Hispanics, and women. Without all of these important demographics backing him, he will struggle to make up enough votes to topple Clinton.

Photo credit: Fox News / Screenshot.

  • lill8

    Go Trump 2016!

  • danteardenz

    As the newest Buchanan column is entitled ; ” Establishment in panic mode ”
    I’m no ” conservative” in the common sense of the word ,and have zero time for regular traitor Republican Globalist . Their hatred ,and attempts at sabotaging him ,while tacitly endorsing the Clinton ( s) say it all ,about who they really work for . Every Trump word ,and action picked on, while old Hillary can wear ear pieces,and have mini telepromters at the debate . She attacked women who her husband and next ” co President “molested , accepts money from anti Women Muslim regimes . Her foundation a crooked joke and State Department record ; ISIS ,war ,corruption on grand scale . A US Ambassador died because of her . The mob who killed him ,”our freedom loving rebels “she and Republican anti Trump buddies set up . Millions recognize what she / they are about . The elite uniting agsinst Trump . Funny to watch stupid ” liberals ” now joining in with Wall Street ,and elite 1percent backing Clinton ! Trump has the enthusiasm and she/ elite has to use fear .