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Ranking Major Issues and Their Importance in the United States

A recent poll by the Associated Press asked adults about their opinions on major issues. The poll was conducted in July 2015 and asked 1,004 adults several questions regarding important political issues. The poll had a margin of error of 3.4 percent.

Direction of the Country:

  • Right direction – 35%
  • Wrong direction – 64%
  • No answer – 1%

Approval of Barack Obama:

  • Approve – 43%
  • Disapprove – 55%
  • No answer – 1%

Approval of Congress:

  • Approve – 17%
  • Disapprove – 82%
  • Neither – 1%

The general direction of the country and the overall approval ratings of Obama and Congress are not surprising. Neither Obama nor Congress has accomplished anything of substance. Obama continues to ride out his final term and is structuring his legislation to paint the Democrats in a favorable light. Congress is still detached from the general American population and has no idea how to serve their interests.

The Major Issues:

  • Economy
    • Extremely important – 87%
    • Moderately Important – 9%
    • Not important – 3%
  • Immigration
    • Extremely important – 55%
    • Moderately important – 27%
    • Not important – 17%
  • Healthcare
    • Extremely important – 79%
    • Moderately important – 14%
    • Not important – 6%
  • Foreign Affairs
    • Extremely important – 59%
    • Moderately important – 27%
    • Not important – 12%

While everyday Americans continue to struggle to earn a living wage, the economy will always remain a popular issue. Americans want to earn more money and a strong economy makes that possible. Coming in at a close second is healthcare. Americans are still coming to terms with Obamacare and the concept of a subsidized healthcare system. Both immigration and foreign policy are seen as important issues, but they become less important when the average American struggles to earn a living wage and to stay healthy.

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  • D K

    Sorry, but I think the President has accomplished quite a bit.

  • Bertica

    The president has accomplished quite a lot of what he wanted to do. Unfortunately it all hurts the USA.

  • S.A. Clark

    President Obama has the same approval rating (47%) as Reagan had at this time of his presidency. He is 17 points ahead of GW Bush at this stage of his presidency. This week, President has a 47% approval rating, a 49% disapproval. Gallup (a much more legitimate poll).

    The citizens are happy with all that President Obama has accomplished, The country is in much better shape than it was when he took office. You would benefit by getting your facts straight. President Hillary Clinton will continue to guide this country out of the sewer than we ended up drawing in after the Bush years.

    • Eric Carriere

      For the record, I don’t dislike Obama and I think he has been passable and I applaud his ability to have Obamacare passed. Approval ratings are all contextual to their specific time periods and low approval ratings aren’t always an indicator of performance.

  • Kenneth Cabral

    Regardless of the polls, if Obama were running again he would beat any of the existing Republican contenders. The majority of Americans don’t want a Republican president

    • Eric Carriere

      Agreed. The Republican candidates are a mess and have no idea what the average American wants.