The latest on the presidential horse race.

Republicans Beat the Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire

In the latest polls for Iowa and New Hampshire by NBC and Marxist, the two major Republican candidates outclassed the Democrats in every matchup except one. Both Donald Trump and Jeb Bush polled well against Hillary Clinton. Only trump lost by one point in New Hampshire.


  • Donald Trump 48% – Hillary Clinton 43%
  • Jeb Bush 50% – Hillary Clinton 39%

New Hampshire:

  • Hillary Clinton 46% – Donald Trump 45%
  • Jeb Bush 48% – Hillary Clinton 43%

The Republicans came out pretty well in these two polls. New Hampshire has been a haven for the Democrats since 2004, while Iowa has voted heavily in favor of the party since 1988. The fact that these two states are trending towards the Republicans shows how unpopular Clinton is as a candidate. Many voters don’t want her to be become president and are turning to the Republican Party as an alternative.

If the Democrats want to succeed in 2016, they will need to find a candidate that is popular amongst voters. Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden may be the only options, but Sanders socialist label may make it difficult for him to win over voters and Biden hasn’t announced an official campaign as of yet.

Trump continues to be a popular candidate for the Republican Party, capturing votes from individuals who have strong stances on immigration and maintaining American values. He understands how to win over voters from these blocks and his no nonsense attitude is pushing his campaign forward.

Bush has slowly recovered in the standings, but he remains an unpopular candidate as most voters want to avoid electing a third Bush into the White House.

Photo credit: CNN.