The latest on the presidential horse race.

Sanders Leads the Democrats in a New Hampshire Poll

A recent poll by WBUR has revealed that Bernie Sanders is on top of the Democrats, beating out Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden.

Which Democrat candidate would you vote for?

  • Bernie Sanders – 35%
  • Hillary Clinton – 31%
  • Joe Biden – 14%

Sanders has been making major strides in the polls. He continues to generate buzz and gather the attention of voters through his progressive platform. His focus is primarily on worker’s rights, establishing a living wage for the average American, reducing the cost of education, and fighting the rich where it is necessary.

Clinton is the polar opposite. She is a cemented candidate with a political history, there is no denying that, but she is boring and doesn’t value the interests of the middle class. Instead, her ties to Wall Street and wealthy donors paint her as a Democrat that doesn’t serve the best interests of her party and the ideals she is supposed to promote.

Joe Biden hasn’t officially announced a campaign, and he may not, but if he does decide to run, he already has a decent support base that he could easily build on. If he doesn’t run, Sanders will need to work hard to eat up his portion of the polls in order to increase his lead over Clinton. This should prove to be an easy task for him as his campaign is relatively genuine in nature, especially when compared to Clinton’s campaign.

Photo credit: The Wrap.