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Sanders Narrowly Beats Clinton in National Poll

The latest Democratic national poll by Bloomberg has placed Bernie Sanders narrowly ahead of his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Bernie Sanders – 49%
  • Hillary Clinton – 48%

While Sanders is still losing the overall delegate count, Clinton’s lead isn’t as large as it once was and the majority of her delegates are super delegates. Sanders still has a massive uphill battle and the chances of him overtaking Clinton are extremely slim, especially given that he is under-performing in polls for New York, Pennsylvania, and is slightly behind Clinton in Wisconsin.

If Sanders wants to catch Clinton and steal the Democratic nomination, he will need to win the majority of the upcoming primaries and steal as many delegates as possible. However, given the one-directional nature of his campaign, this seems very likely, and the anti-Wall Street platform he takes will not generate him votes in all of these states.

So long as Clinton sticks to her game, comes out with moderate victories and secures a few more delegates, the nomination should be all but hers. Nothing catastrophic appears to be in the window and Clinton may be able to play up her experience dealing with terrorism to win over voters that are  thinking about the recent terror attack in Brussels, Belgium.

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  • danteardenz

    I admire Senator Sanders for standing up to the phoney Clinton’s who are part of the establishment Left/Right Matrix .
    Just as in his way Trump is taking on the system ,so is Sanders .
    Thank goodness somebody members the poor ,and struggling .
    Many soooo tired of the ” hard working middle class ” clice .

    What about the ” hard working or jobless poor ?” .

    People of noth parties must get out and vote anti establishment …do not believe the media attacks on Sanders or Trump.
    In your respective parties vote both !