The latest on the presidential horse race.

Sanders Tops Clinton in New Hampshire Primary

A recent poll by Boston Herald and Franklin Pierce University has revealed that Bernie Sanders has beaten Hillary Clinton in an important primary for the Democrats. Sanders has been gaining momentum over the past few weeks, while Clinton has remained stale.

  • Which candidate would you like to represent the Democrats?
    • Bernie Sanders – 44%
    • Hillary Clinton – 37%
    • Joe Biden – 9%

While this is only one poll, it shows that Clinton is beginning to lose her lead. She was once the consensus choice to lead the Democrats, but some hard campaigning by Sanders has changed that opinion and there is a chance that he may be able to challenge her.

The two candidates represent completely different voting blocks. Sanders is working hard to capture middle class and working class voters by educating them about economic inequality and the necessity for working class consensus. Some may call a platform like that socialist, but in reality, it is necessary in order to protect workers and to advance a program of economic equality.

On the other hand, Clinton is working to secure votes from partisan voters. In addition, she will likely score a large portion of votes from women who are interested in electing the first female president. Clinton will need to have a successful campaign and take a stance on several important issues if she wants to win the Democrat nomination and challenge for president. To date, she has avoided the tricky questions and her campaign is still a mystery.

Photo credit: People.