The latest on the presidential horse race.

Stalemates Galore, Clinton and Trump Tie

The latest poll by the LA Times/USC has revealed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are currently in a stalemate at 43 points a piece.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 43%
  • Donald Trump – 43%

Trump’s numbers haven’t changed a lot over the last week. The Republican National Convention provided some humor and dramatic moments for the Republican Party. Melania Trump’s speech debacle proved to Americans that the Trump should hire a new speechwriter, Ted Cruz refused to endorse Trump, and other Republicans protested the media by doing the Hitler salute to Trump. Regardless of these moments, Trump’s numbers stayed the same and he didn’t experience much growth at all.

For Clinton, her time to shine will be at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Will she be able to gain some momentum in the polls with a good showing at the convention or will her numbers stagnate much like Trumps did at the RNC. It is difficult to say at this point, but Clinton has all the power to rise in the polls given that she is viewed as the moderate and safe choice, when compared to Trump who is more of an unknown and a much riskier candidate.

Photo credit: The Fiscal Times.

  • danteardenz

    I’m always a skeptic ,but I’m impressed by Trump’s courage in taking on Globalism ,which is selling out all sovereign nations ,and putting the world on a permanent war footing for its cause .
    They get richer ,and we all get poorer …the one percent .

    Trump not being endorsed by Wall Street ” conservative ” Cruz and the political establishment is also impressive .

    Democrats and ” liberals ” who are dismissing Trump should cheer him ,for vanquishing ,and not capitulating to the Bush Neoconservatives Fundamentalists …nor did he pander to attacking the poor ,or social programs austerity which is a usual horrid GOP mantra .

    If he can continue to do this ,and expose Mrs Clinton as total establishment TTP ,Wall Street , war ,and trade sell outs he will break the matrix Left Right system and win !

    • D K

      He is a crazy man, a complete narcissist. I am certainly not in the least impressed, except with a great fear of him.

      • danteardenz

        Fear Mrs Clinton support for open bordes ,cop killers , Muslim Brotherhood ,and backing ISIS to overthrow government’s in the Middle East ,now turning on the West .
        She wants war with Russia .
        She even had the mass murderer of the people in the Florida Nightclub father in a VIP section during her Florida campaign appearance !
        The establishment media ,all for her days nothing .

        As for ” Narcissism” look up the Millions on her ” Clinton Foundation. ” which allows she and hubby to live in ultra luxury .
        All from middle Eastern nations ,and Wall Street.

        • D K

          You can’t be serious!