The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump AHEAD in Latest ABC/Wash Post Poll

The latest general election poll by ABC/Washington Post has revealed that Donald Trump is now ahead of Hillary Clinton by 1 point.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 46%
  • Hillary Clinton – 45%

In one week, Americans across the country will take to the polls and vote for their next president. One week ago, it was widely accepted that Clinton would win the election.

Enter FBI Director James Comey and what seems like a personal vendetta against Clinton. On Friday, Comey announced that he would reopen the investigation into Clinton’s private email server. Not long after, Clinton plummeted in the polls and her double-digit lead dropped to only 1 point, and by the start of this week, Trump is now ahead.

Adding to the election drama, the FBI said that it would not be able to read through all the emails before the election, proving that Comey is interested in influencing the outcome in some way. Other Department of Justice officials have criticized Comey for his decision, saying that he has violated the role of his position and that it is clear that he is trying to damage Clinton’s chances at winning the election.

So, next Tuesday, our next president will be declared, and at this point, both choices are unappealing in many ways. No matter what happens, everyone can agree that this election was one of the strangest ones we’ve ever seen.

Photo credit: CBC.

  • Susan Brereton

    Friend, Trump was ALWAYS ahead. Polls are a farce of fraud. WIKILEAKS showed us all how corrupt Democrats persuaded their media propagandists to use polling strata provided by Hillary’s Campaign, drawing from previously vetted respondents. It was all skewed to drive voters to accept the inevitability of Hillary’s presidency. BUT IT DID NOT WORK> We are not impressed. We are not fooled. We are DONE with Democrats! All this fraud means Democrats are ending their control of the White House on a sleazy note. 7 MORE DAYS to a Trump victory!

    • danteardenz

      Great comments Susan. Trump is hitting the wave at just the right time ! He is going to not only defeat ” the Democrats ” ,but the sell out Neoconservative REPUBLICAN ” never Trumper ” too ! This is not really Democrat V Republican but Nationalist ( Trump ) V Globalist /elite of both parties . I will not vote for ANY Republican who did not campaign with. ,or endorse Trump …Mc Cane ,Ryan ,Toomey ,Ayotte , Heck Rubio , Kirk etc … ” Drain the swamp “.