The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump and Clinton Ahead in New York and Pennsylvania

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are leading the way in New York and Pennsylvania, according to the latest polls by Fox News.

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • New York
    • Hillary Clinton – 53%
    • Bernie Sanders – 37%
  • Pennsylvania
    • Hillary Clinton – 49%
    • Bernie Sanders – 38%

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • New York
    • Donald Trump – 54%
    • John Kasich – 22%
    • Ted Cruz – 15%
  • Pennsylvania
    • Donald Trump – 48%
    • John Kasich – 22%
    • Ted Cruz – 20%

The East Coast is going to go terribly for Ted Cruz. His religiosity will not earn him any votes and the majority of voters in this reason do not care for or agree with his policies.

Trump should be able to clean up both New York and Pennsylvania, providing him with a healthy amount of delegates. The only candidate that may cause some trouble for him is John Kasich, due to his establishment credentials. Still, Kasich will not win anything and he will only succeed in stealing a few delegates from Trump.

For the Democrats, Bernie Sanders has been putting up a strong fight in the last few wakes, making the nomination process much closer than it has been for several months. Still, for Sanders to take the lead, he would need to completely annihilate Clinton in both states, and it doesn’t appear that he is going to be able to do that.

Photo credit: Fox 13.