The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump and Clinton Favored to Win New York

Early polls by Emerson for New York are heavily favoring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both candidates hold commanding leads over their competition in this important state.

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 64%
  • Ted Cruz – 12%
  • John Kasich – 1%

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 71%
  • Bernie Sanders – 23%

A victory in New York for Trump would be huge and would signify that he deserves to be the Republican nominee. The other candidates have virtually no chance of beat Trump. Ted Cruz’s religious zealotry will earn him no votes in New York and voters will flock to Trump because he understands what the inhabitants of New York are about.

On the other side of the fence, Clinton is dominating Bernie Sanders. While Sanders ran a good campaign, he is out of momentum and has lost too many primaries to make a recovery this late in the game. His campaign message was sincere, but his insistence on singling out the Wall Street issue probably cost him some voters who were disinterested.

Clinton will ride the wave and win New York, playing up her time as Senator of the state, her gender, and how she survived 9/11 just like the other inhabitants of New York City. Now that she has more or less defeated Sanders, her campaign focus will shift and centrist Clinton will make a return from her short Sanders-inspired vacation.