The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump and Clinton Lead Huffpost Pollster

The latest polls from Huffpost Pollster have revealed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are holding respectable leads over their opponents.


  • Hillary Clinton – 53%
  • Bernie Sanders – 40%


  • Donald Trump – 42%
  • Ted Cruz – 24%

Both Trump and Clinton cleaned up on Tuesday, winning numerous states, collecting delegates, and shattering the hopes and dreams of their opponents.

Bernie Sanders is still promising to run a strong campaign, but in reality, his presidential campaign is over. Clinton is beating him in delegates and has more super delegates. Sanders biggest strength, bashing Wall Street, also turned out to be his biggest weakness. By focusing on that issue, he quickly fell behind and appeared slow on other issues. Lastly, his refusal to bash Clinton for all the baggage she carried gave his opponent a clear opening and let her take advantage of him in the debates.

As for the Republicans, Trump will be the nominee. Cruz and John Kasich are holding on, clinging to the strange belief that they will be able to contest the convention. In reality, this would cause the GOP to implode and it would anger voters who have overwhelmingly voted in favor of Trump through the various primaries and polls.

As the conventions approach, expect to see Trump and Clinton emerge victorious, and get ready for some of the most entertaining debates in presidential history.

Photo credit: Gawker.