The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump and Clinton Trade Polls

Two of the latest polls by IBD/TIPP and Rasmussen Reports have resulted in a split between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


  • Hillary Clinton – 44%
  • Donald Trump – 40%

Rasmussen Reports

  • Donald Trump – 43%
  • Hillary Clinton – 39%

Trump has started to gain a little momentum after stagnating for several weeks. While his position in the polls is far from secure, he has started to build up a little momentum and is starting to beat Clinton in select polls.

Does he have a chance to win the election? Probably not. A new poll by Quinnipiac University found that only 1 percent of African-Americans support Trump. On top of that, Trump made another racist comment against Mexicans earlier in the week when he suggested that a plane flying overhead was probably Mexicans coming to invade the United States. Lastly, Trump continues to struggle to unify the Republican Party and various longtime Republicans have been leaving the party in favor of Clinton.

Clinton’s biggest issue right now is her lingering email scandal. The Republican controlled House is adamant to bring her down and hurt her election chances. This was made evident through the recent 800-page Benghazi report. However, Clinton’s campaign made the situation worse when former President Bill Clinton secretly met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss his wife’s email scandal. To the public, this looks like collusion and as if the legal system doesn’t effect Clinton. This may hurt her in the polls, but she should be able to stabilize by November.

Photo credit: Fortune.