The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump Closes the Gap to 2 Points

The latest general election poll by Quinnipiac has revealed that Donald Trump has closed the gap on Hillary Clinton, cutting her lead down to only 2 points.

In recent polls, Trump has been quickly closing the gap. At her best, Clinton grew the lead to around 12 points, but most major polling companies are showing that her lead has receded to 2-4 points.

Of course, Clinton has one major advantage over Trump. Her centrist platform is far more welcoming to moderates and undecided voters and she is starting to take a stance on gun control, which means that it could become a major issue for her campaign. Lastly, the potential addition of Sen. Elizabeth Warren as her runningmate could put her over the top and help her land that elusive progressive vote.

As for Trump, his major advantage lies in the fact that he is not a career politician. He hasn’t played the delicate political game in Washington and he appears to be the only candidate that could smash the political status quo on Capitol Hill. Time will tell whether he can gain the votes needed to be elected, but if he does, expect a lot of change from Trump into a more presidential form of himself.

Photo credit: Raw Conservative.