The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump Holds the Lead as Clinton Returns to the Campaign Trail

Donald Trump managed to maintain his lead over Hillary Clinton in the latest general election poll released by the LA Times/USC Tracking.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 47%
  • Hillary Clinton – 41%

Trump continues to hold his lead and is working hard to develop his presidential image. This past week involved him trying to reach out to African-American voters. He ventured to Flint, Michigan, on Wednesday and delivered a speech to a crowd of African-American churchgoers and on Thursday his campaign finally admitted that President Barack Obama is an American citizen. While the birther movement was silly to most critics, Trump actually believes it to be true and his beliefs were making it hard for him to appeal to African-Americans as he was clearly trying to damage the legitimacy the first African-American president.

As it stands, Trump holds the lead, but Clinton returned to the campaign trail on Friday and looks poised to try and change her slumping numbers at the polls. The first presidential debate is fast approaching and this will be an area where Clinton can outshine Trump by a large margin. She is far more experienced in debates and so long as she can avoid getting caught up in personality politics, she should be able to defeat Trump in a discussion that is dominated by policy and not insults.

Clinton’s health is still a major topic and something the Republicans will continue to hammer at for the rest of the election. So long as Clinton can maintain the image of healthiness, she will be able to ignore these claims. However, if for any reason her sickness returns, it may be the death of her campaign as many are already questioning her long-term health.

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  • danteardenz

    Trump is beginning to ride a wave …its gradual but significant .
    This man,despite is surviving ,and beginning to thrive in a wholly hostile establishment attack , environment .
    They have pulled out all in there bags of media tricks to destroy him.
    Republican Neoconservative included !

    People are realizing he is the only shot to restore something of our borders,and economic sovereignty in the wake of Globalization.

    Plus ,Mrs Clinton is merely her husband’s third term !
    The nerve, to try and circumvent the 22 nd Amendment ,to the Constitution this way .

    • D K

      Oh, for heaven’s sake! Get real!

      • Carl Hudson


        • D K

          Yes, seriously.

          • Carl Hudson

            My comment was intended for the Trump supporter preceding you.

          • D K

            I’m apologize! I should have realized that. Glad to know someone agrees with me about the previous comment!

  • Carl Hudson

    No problem, D K. You may already know this, but if you’re following the election closely, the website FiveThirtyEight is a great place to look at the polls and electoral college tallies. There are three models used in the upper left corner. I think the first one is the most relevant. Just click on it. (I admit, I’m a little desperate to find reasonable people who would never vote for Trump. Ha!)

    • D K

      I do follow his polls but I’m going to look at them now.