The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump Leads all Republican Candidates, Clinton Leads Democrats

The latest poll by Public Policy Polling has revealed that Donald Trump leads all Republican candidates, while Hillary Clinton continues to lead the Democrats.

The poll asked 1,087 voters several questions regarding the two parties and their candidates. The margin of error for the poll is 3 percent.

  • Which Republican candidate would you vote for?
    • Donald Trump – 19%
    • Scott Walker – 17%
    • Jeb Bush – 12%
    • Ben Carson – 10%
    • Marco Rubio – 10%
    • Mike Huckabee – 8%
    • Ted Cruz – 4%
    • Carly Fiorina – 4%
    • Rand Paul – 4%

Trump now leads the pack, but his campaign has been an unmitigated disaster and his favorability ratings are suffering due to his comments about Sen. John McCain. 22 percent of Republicans agreed with his comments about McCain, while 50 percent disagreed.

The poll also asked voters what they thought about Trump’s iconic hairstyle. 12 percent of voters had a favorable opinion of his hair, 49 percent unfavorable, and 39 percent were undecided.

  • Which Democrat candidate would you vote for?
    • Hillary Clinton – 57%
    • Bernie Sanders – 22%
    • Jim Webb – 5%
    • Lincoln Chafee – 3%

Can Clinton hold onto her lead? While she has failed to gain any momentum, she is polling at 60 percent with liberals and seniors and at 50 percent with moderates, men, women, whites, and younger voters. Her most advantageous demographic is with African Americans, where she is scoring 82 percent of votes, while Sanders only achieved 6 percent.

In head-to-head polls between Clinton and Trump, 50 percent of voters claimed they would vote for Clinton and 37 percent said Trump. In a Trump and Sanders election, 47 percent said they would vote for Sanders to Trump’s 37 percent.

While these polls are speculative in nature, Trump’s rise to the top is worth watching. While he continues to agitate voters with his over the top comments, his opinions resonate strongly with voters who have a firm stance on immigration and foreign policy.

Photo credit: ABC News.