The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump Leads, Cruz Approaches Second in New Hampshire

The latest New Hampshire poll by Rasmussen Reports has placed Donald Trump well ahead of his competition, while Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz battle it out for second place.

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 31%
  • Marco Rubio – 21%
  • Ted Cruz – 20%

Trump has managed to maintain first place in yet another New Hampshire poll. Since his loss in Iowa, Trump has been focusing heavily on New Hampshire and every major poll has placed him at the top of the Republican Party.

In terms of what has changed, for the first time in many polls, Cruz has closed the gap on Rubio and is directly challenging him for second place. In previous polls, Cruz was losing to Rubio by a respectable margin.

Rubio is still a legitimate candidate and he is campaigning hard to paint himself as the pro-GOP establishment choice. His major flaw, and one that his opponents are exploiting, is his apparent lack of experience. If he can overcome that hurdle, he may be able to challenge both Trump and Cruz.

While Cruz nearly tied for second, expect him to finish in third in New Hampshire as he will not be able to rely on religion to help him coast to victory like he did in Iowa.

Photo credit: US News.

  • danteardenz

    The only unbought candidate in the race is clearly Trump.
    I’m saying this aa a cynic…but greatly impressed by ” the Donald ,” for taking all of those nothings on.
    He is driving those Republican petty puppets nuts,and is s real man !

    Rubio ,and Cruz only went to the Senate as a quick stepping stone to the WH.
    The first is a former male stripper at ” foam parties ” ,and ventriloquist dummy of gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson…not wet behind the ears yet.
    ” Marcobot “.
    The second ,creep Cruz from Canada is a set up by Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs .
    A dirty campaigner ,and religious nut.
    Bush 3 LOL..his only backers think Laurence Welk is cool .
    No more Bushes please !

    • northstate

      Why is all this attention being paid to a small, rural State in the Northeast, with a mostly old population? I didn’t do my homework, and hope someone else knows how this started. When I look at a roomful of old people sitting on folding chairs in a school auditorium, it occurs to me that they do not represent voters in NYC, Chicago, Kansas City, Seattle, San Francisco, and many cities in between. A huge amount of money is spent by the media; a lot of old people are asked who they favor; the media interviews itself; why? I watch maybe 5-10 minutes at time; and not often. We all know that NH is the “Live Free or Die” State with an independent point of view. I went there on vacation once, and loved the place. It does not resemble the Bay Area, CA.; however, it is close to the Northern county where I live now, which is mostly Republican, even with a State college situated there.

      • danteardenz

        An excellent point ! Especially Iowa…a rural state dominated by Fundamentalists on the GOP side.
        The winners of that primary rarely go any further .
        Ask Huckabee ,Santorum Robertson !

        These rural states should not have this much power.
        This is a relic from the past when conventions really counted.

        • northstate

          One solution might be to scrap the electoral college farce. It has now been so corrupted and expensive to maintain, it is worthless. I think it might have been used as a way to balance low population States with large population States. We don’t need to do that now. Other than providing income for some rural localities, there is no point to it. I have little in common with an Iowa or Ohio corn farmer; I don’t even have anything in common with them here in CA. And, having worked in D.C., I can say that corn States keep lobbyists permanently in place to lobby for scams like ethanol.