The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump Leads Louisiana and Kansas

Can’t stop, won’t stop, that should be Donald Trumps new slogan. The latest polls by the Trafalgar Group in Kansas and the University of New Orleans in Louisiana have been extremely favorable to Trump.


  • Donald Trump – 35%
  • Ted Cruz – 29%
  • Marco Rubio – 17%
  • John Kasich – 13%


  • Donald Trump – 38%
  • Ted Cruz – 26%
  • Marco Rubio – 11%
  • John Kasich – 5%

Trump is looking good at this point. Despite a lousy performance in Thursday’s GOP debate, he still topped these two polls. In the debate, Trump devolved the discussion into a penis talk, got caught changing positions numerous times, and look like a unprepared candidate.

However, to Trump’s advantage, both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have completely unable to capitalize on their opponents mistakes. Every time Trump says something stupid, both Cruz and Rubio get sucked into a contest of the idiots.

According to the GOP, which is imploding as we speak, various members of the Republican Party are looking to rally behind Cruz. Previously, they were looking to work with Rubio, but he has since been deemed a failure. Even with the backing of the party, Cruz seems unable to take Trump down and the GOP will have to come to terms with the fact that Trump will be the party’s nominee heading into the general election.

Photo credit: Raw Story / Screenshot.