The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump Loses Iowa to Cruz and Defeats Rubio in New Hampshire

Donald Trump split a recent set of polls by HuffPost Pollster covering Iowa and New Hampshire. The billionaire Republican candidate lost to Ted Cruz in Iowa and defeated Marco Rubio in New Hampshire.


  • Ted Cruz – 31%
  • Donald Trump – 28%

New Hampshire

  • Donald Trump – 26%
  • Marco Rubio – 14%

Trump is still dominating in most polls, but he lost a surprising one to Cruz who has been providing a legitimate challenge to Trump in the recent weeks. Cruz is equally as radical as Trump and shares a lot of similar views. However, when compared to Trump, Cruz seems far less intense because he is capable of wording his policies in a more palatable manner. If voters become tired of Trump, but are still interested in a radical right-winger, Cruz is the next logical choice.

Rubio lost to Trump in New Hampshire by a decent margin. He is still a respectable candidate and could challenge Trump for the Republican nomination. Still, if he wants to rise in the polls, he needs to prove to voters that he has something to offer and it seems unlikely that he will be able to do this as he is not nearly as radical and willing to plunge head first into the deep end like Trump and Cruz have.

Photo credit: Salon.

  • danteardenz

    ” Cruz more palatable ?” To whom ?
    He is a neophyte Senator like Sheldon Adelson puppet Rubio,who will say anything to be President .
    A rubber faced palooka ,who trys to play populist ,while his wife makes millions as s Goldman Sachs /Wall Street executive .

    Trump has gained traction as an anti war candidate opposed by the Neoconservatives of Rothschild’s FOX ,and other establishment media .
    After 4 years of pandering to them,Cruz is now trying to steal Trumps thunder.

    Cruz like all the rest are bought ,and paid for..Trump speaks for himself.

  • MadlyMad

    Trump is anti-war? What planet have you been on? Trump wants more money spent on the military and the military is saying not necessary. What will Trump do with all that cool equipment if he’s not ready to put boots on the ground? Trump would be ridiculous if so many didn’t look at him as if he were the savior because his lack of civility so closely resembles theirs.