The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump Loses to Clinton in Florida, Wins in Ohio

Donald “The King of Debt” Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has managed to lose to Hillary Clinton in Quinnipiacs‘ latest poll for Florida, but managed to beat her in Ohio.


  • Hillary Clinton – 43%
  • Donald Trump – 42%


  • Donald Trump – 43%
  • Hillary Clinton – 39%

It feels like the results of these polls should be switched. Trump should have beaten Clinton in Florida, where his racism appeals, and the more centrist Clinton should have scored a victory in Ohio.

With John Kasich stepping out, his followers have more than likely sided with Trump and will vote for him in the general election. By election time, Trump should be able to win in Florida if he continues to play his game. The biggest challenge for Trump will come in states where Democrats dominate. If he wants to compete against Clinton, he will need to find a way to convince independent and undecided voters that he is a better choice than Clinton.

If you are part of the Clinton campaign, you can feel safe knowing that you should be able to beat Trump in the general election based on how many voters he has alienated and the assurance that the Democratic platform is typically a safe one. However, these early polls are telling of how unpopular Clinton is and how her reputation is like an anchor.

No matter what, this election will be entertaining and it is recommended that you stock up on your popcorn as soon as possible.

Photo credit: NBC News.