The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump Pulls Ahead by 5 Points

In the latest Rasmussen Reports general election poll, Donald Trump has managed to retake the lead, toppling Hillary Clinton by 5 points.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 44%
  • Hillary Clinton – 39%
  • Gary Johnson – 8%

The past week has been a weird one for Trump. Previously, it looked like Trump was making a legitimate effort to become more presidential. However, this week, he returned to form and resembled the Trump we have all come to know through this election cycle.

Trump continues to poll moderately well, taking the odd poll, but falling to Clinton in the game of averages. He has the racist demographic on lock down, but he continues to struggle to gain momentum with women, minorities, and other large voting demographics. His black outreach has been laughable and he is no closer to cementing the black vote. In an election with a serious and likable Democratic candidate, Trump would be getting blown out of the water, but due to how unlikable Clinton is, he is still in the running.

Clinton is a candidate that comes with an immense amount of baggage. Voters do not like her, they do not trust her, and they are tired of political dynasties running the country. It is in the final point that Trump becomes an attractive candidate for voters that are tired of American politics in its current form. They may not like Trump, but they see a fresh face and someone that isn’t a career politician.

Photo credit: Raw Conservative.