The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump Surges as Clinton Recovers from Pneumonia

The latest general election poll by the LA Times/USC Tracking has revealed that Donald Trump now holds the lead over Hillary Clinton.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 47%
  • Hillary Clinton – 42%

Trump has handled Clinton’s medical crisis with a surprising level of tameness. Rather than lambaste her for being unhealthy, he simply wished her to get well and suggested that he would be willing to let her sit on a chair at the debates. Regardless of how you approach the situation, Trump’s back-handed comment was designed to paint Clinton as weak and to deflect the criticism away from him.

Additionally, Trump started pivoting to the left on Tuesday when he proposed a new maternity leave plan that will provide new parents with up to six weeks of paid maternity leave. This is an incredibly smart move by Trump as it will win him over some support from undecided left-leaning voters. It is also a great one for American voters because the Democrats cannot legitimately attack Trump on this issue without first proposing an even better plan.

As for Clinton, she finds herself in a difficult situation. If she truly is unwell and rushes back to the campaign trail, she may suffer further health complications. However, if she takes too much time off to heal, voters will question her stamina and may consider voting for a different candidate. Of course, the entire medical drama could be nothing more than an isolated incident, but for now, expect to see rampant speculation until Clinton’s campaign puts the rumors to rest.

Photo credit: The Fiscal Times.