The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump Tops Clinton in Arizona, Ties Sanders

The latest Arizona poll by PPP has placed Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton and in a tie with Bernie Sanders.


  • Donald Trump 45% – Hillary Clinton 41%
  • Donald Trump 44% – Bernie Sanders 45%

Sanders continues to put up a good fight against Trump and is proving that he is the better candidate to take him on in a general election. Regardless, for all of Sander’s efforts, he will not win the nomination, barring an epic meltdown from Clinton.

Trump and Clinton are almost guaranteed to duke it out in November and Democratic voters should come to terms with the reality that Clinton will head the Democratic Party.

For all of Clinton’s baggage, she is a talented politician and she knows how to work the political game. While her presidency would be far from eventful, Americans can rest assured that she will not sell the launch codes to the Russians or Chinese.

On the other hand, Trump is unpredictable. He has no political past, his business resume is strange, and his brutal honesty may not translate well to diplomatic negotiations. Trump has made it clear that he will play hard with the Chinese and his proposed Muslim ban would be a legal nightmare for the United States that would have zero chance of getting passed. Regardless, Trump is the head of the Republican Party and he will win votes, even if that total remains unknown.

Photo credit: News 8000.