The latest on the presidential horse race.

Trump Tops Florida, Loses Ohio to Kasich

The latest polls by Fox News for Florida and Ohio have revealed that Donald Trump is leading Florida, while he narrowly trails John Kasich in Ohio.


  • Donald Trump – 43%
  • Marco Rubio – 20%
  • Ted Cruz – 16%
  • John Kasich – 10%


  • John Kasich – 34%
  • Donald Trump – 29%
  • Ted Cruz – 19%
  • Marco Rubio – 7%

Trump is still the frontrunner of the Republican Party and will likely win the nomination. Of course, establishment GOPs are working tirelessly to try and take him down, promising to contest his nomination, and even throwing around rumors that Mitt Romney may run for president.

His victory in Florida is an important one as it will surely finish off Marco Rubio’s campaign, proving that he can’t even win his home state. Rubio has been bragging, primary after primary, about his third and fourth place finishes, and it has become quite embarrassing and indicative that he is finished.

In Ohio, the results aren’t surprising. Kasich is fairly popular in the state and will probably leverage his votes into something favorable for himself. This could be a position in Trump’s administration or some kind of preferential treatment for the state. Regardless, expect Trump to climb past Kasich in Ohio and crush the other remaining Republicans.

Ted Cruz is hanging on, still holding his Bible close to his heart. Too bad for him, the largest voting populations and the most important states aren’t as influenced by his religious zealotry and will either vote for Trump, because they are angry, or not vote at all.

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  • danteardenz

    The Republican Billionaires huffed and puffed ,and still cannot little Marco Rubio in!
    Kasich is a waist of time .
    Now some want to back Grandpa Munster Cruz !
    Trump is an old fashioned moderate Conservative pragmatist ,and Canadian Cruz the extremist …thank goodness the Northeast is coming up where he will have less ” Bybull Belt” pushers .
    Trump is in…but still has a way to nail it .
    The GOP lobbiests ,and big shots better respect him at the convention !
    Or they going too get a real rebellion on their greedy hsnds .

  • Lamar Carnes

    You would think Ohio folks would be as angry and tired of the established political hacks like John since he is one of those do nothing but become a part of the elistist crowd in Washington D.C. He is a vine that twists, a tree limb that bends and a fruitless tree that never produces anything but only good for nothing but to be ignored and rejected!!! Let him go Ohio! Trump is the man and he is an outsider who will help clean up Washington. John won’t!!!!!