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Wisconsin Governor Update: Walker (48%) vs. Burke (46%)

Rasmussen Reports, 15/9 – 16/9

Wisconsin Governor

  • Scott Walker – Republican – 48%
  • Mary Burke – Democrat – 46%
  • Other – 3%
  • Undecided – 3%

Rasmussen Reports has released an update for the Wisconsin Governor race and the results are close. The poll asked 750 likely voters who they would vote for if an election were to occur today. The margin of error for this poll was 4%. Currently, the Republican Scott Walker has 48% of the votes, while his Democrat challenger Mary Burke has 46%. 3% of voters would vote for another candidate and an additional 3% are undecided.

The demographics for this poll were standard. 49% of voters were male and 51% were female, 26% were aged 18-39, 52% were 40-64, and 22% were over the age of 65, 90% were white and 10% were non-white, and 33% identified as Republican, 36% as Democrat, and 31% as a different party.

Walker’s current approval ratings are 51% and his disapproval ratings are 46%. Burke’s approval ratings are slightly lower; she scored 47% and 43% respectively.  4% of the voters have never heard of Burke and only 1% of them have not heard of Walker. Yet, Walker has begun to slip in the polls. In the past, Wisconsin was a state that was leaning towards the Republican Party. That is not the case anymore. In the most recent poll, the state is now considered a toss-up and political scientists are unsure of whether Walker can still be deemed a favorite to win. A CBS News poll from August had Walker at a +4, an early September WeAskAmerica poll had Burke at a +4, and a mid-September Marquette University poll had Walker at a +3. This is a tight race, but really, it is Walker who has slipped the most. Months ago, Walker held a commanding +7 and a +16 lead.

Photo credit: Politico