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2014 Governor Polls Update: Democrats Take Lead in Illinois, Colorado, Wisconsin, Maine, Michigan

CBS News/New York Times/YouGov, 9/20-10/1:


  • Hickenlooper (D): 49
  • Beauprez (R): 45


  • Burke (D): 49
  • Walker (R): 48


  • Quinn (D): 46
  • Rauner (R): 43


  • Schauer (D): 46
  • Snyder (R): 44


  • Michaud (D): 39
  • LePage (R): 37
  • Cutler (I): 10

While much of the focus is on the midterm Senate elections, the real power lies in the many gubernatorial seats up for grabs in November. The latest CBS News/New York Times/YouGov poll dump has some good news for Democrats in some of the tightest gubernatorial races in the country.

In Colorado, where a Fox News poll showed the race completely tied earlier this month, CBS/NYT have Democratic incumbent John Hickenlooper leading Republican challenger Bob Beauprez by a margin of 49-45. A Rasmussen poll in late September also had Hickenlooper up by 4.

In Wisconsin, where incumbent Republican Scott Walker led a Rasmussen and Marquette University poll in September, NYT/CBS have Democratic challenger Mary Burke up by 1 percent. Walker has been unable to pull away by more than a few percentage points in the polls and while he has led most of the polls, Burke is certainly making it close.

In Illinois, where a WeAskAmerica poll had Republican Bruce Rauner up by 3 percent in mid-September, CBS/NYT have Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn up by 3 while a recent Rasmussen poll has the Governor up by 2.

In Michigan, where Republican incumbent Rick Snyder had led nine straight polls since early September, CBS/NYT have Democratic challenger Mark Schauer pulling ahead by 2 percent.

In Maine, where incumbent Republican Governor Paul LePage led a September Pan Atlantic SMS poll by 5 percent, CBS/NYT have Democratic challenger Mike Michaud leading by 2 percent with 39 percent of the vote, LePage is at 37, and independent Eliot Cutler is at 10.