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2014 Governor Polls Updates: Colorado, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, Kansas, Georgia

Kansas, PPP

  • Davis (D): 45
  • Brownback (R): 39

Colorado, Denver Post

  • Hickenlooper (D): 45
  • Beauprez (R): 43

Wisconsin, Marquette

  • Walker (R): 49
  • Burke (D): 46

Florida, Rasmussen

  • Crist (D): 42
  • Scott (R): 40

Michigan, PPP

  • Snyder (R): 46
  • Schauer (D): 44

It’s been over a week since we last checked in on some of the tightest gubernatorial races in the country and with campaigning in full swing, a lot has changed.

In Kansas, a new PPP poll, the largest we’ve seen yet, shows Democratic challenger Paul Davis leading incumbent Republican Governor Sam Brownback by 6 percent. Davis has now led five of the last six polls out of Kansas and seven of the last nine. He looks like a lock to win Kansas.

Georgia appears to be as close as it gets. After an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll and a Survey USA poll both had incumbent Republican Governor Nathan Deal leading by just 1 percent, a WSB-TV/Landmark poll has Democratic challenger Jason Carter leading by 3 percent and a new Insider Advantage poll has Deal up by 4 percent. This race could go either way at this point.

A new Qunnipiac poll has Republican challenger Bob Beauprez leading incumbent Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper by 10 percent but that appears to be an aberration. A USA Today poll and a Denver Post poll released this week both have Hickenlooper up by 2 percent, a recent Rasmussen poll has Beauprez up by 1 percent, and a CBS News/NY Times poll has the race tied. This one could go either way right now, there’s no way Beauprez took home a 12-percent swing overnight. Quinnipiac needs to check their numbers.

In Wisconsin, incumbent Governor Scott Walker leads Democratic challenger Mary Burke by 3 percent in a new Marquette University survey and by 2 percent in the latest Rasmussen poll. The last Marquette poll had Burke up by 2 so Walker appears to be inching forward.

In Florida, a new PPP poll has Democratic challenger Charlie Crist leading incumbent Republican Governor Rick Scott by 3 percent while a Rasmussen poll has Crist up by 2. That’s significant after Scott led three straight August polls.

In Michigan, every poll except for a USA Today survey has Republican incumbent Rick Snyder leading Democratic challenger Mark Schauer by 1-3 percent, including a PPP poll, CBS News/NY Times poll, Detroit News poll, and a Vanguard poll. Too close to call but consistent enough to consider Snyder a slight favorite.