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2014 Senate Polls Update: Colorado, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Iowa, Georgia

Georgia: WSB-TV/Landmark

  • Perdue (R): 46
  • Nunn (D): 46

Colorado: High Point/Survey USA

  • Gardner (R): 46
  • Udall (D): 42

New Hampshire: High Point/Survey USA

  • Shaheen (D): 48
  • Brown (R): 46

North Carolina: High Point

  • Hagan (D): 40
  • Tillis (R): 40

Iowa: Rasmussen

  • Ernst (R): 48
  • Braley (D): 45

Rather than seeing a front runner emerge, we are seeing the tightest senate races in the country get tighter as the final month of campaigning grows increasingly fierce. Let’s take a look at the latest numbers out of the closest and most crucial senate races around the nation.

In Georgia, a new WSB-TV/Landmark poll has Republican David Perdue in a 46-46 tie with Democrat Michelle Nunn while a Survey USA poll has the GOPer up by just one point. Perdue had led Nunn in most recent polls by about 4 percent and it appears that slim lead is now even slimmer.

In Colorado, where Democratic incumbent Mark Udall had led most of the polls since the race began, Republican challenger Cory Gardner has pulled ahead by 4 percent according to a new High Point/Survey USA poll and 6 percent according to a new Fox News poll. The numbers are clearly trending higher for Gardner who has now led five of the last six polls out of Colorado.

In New Hampshire, Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen has managed to keep a slim 2-point lead over Republican Scott Brown and has led every poll out of the state. The lead is slim and Brown is closing in but for now Shaheen is certainly the frontrunner.

In North Carolina, where Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan had led the last five polls by 1-4 percent, a new High Point poll has the race all tied up. Hagan has led in every poll since September, however, so she remains a slight favorite.

In Iowa, where we have seen plenty of polls show a tie between Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst, the GOPer has now taken a 3 percent lead according to a new Rasmussen poll. Ernst has now led three of the last four polls out of Iowa, albeit by just 1-3 percent. This is as tight a race as any but Ernst has a slight edge.