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After Surprise Primary Win, David Perdue Takes Lead Over Michelle Nunn in Georgia

Rasmussen, 7/23-7/24
Georgia Senate

  • Perdue (R): 46
  • Nunn (D): 40

Polls leading up to the Georgia Senate Republican primary runoff election between former Dollar General CEO David Perdue and Congressman Jack Kingston suggested that Kingston had the edge before Perdue pulled off a surprise win. Now, a new Rasmussen poll shows the businessman gaining traction and leading Democratic nominee Michelle Nunn in the race for one of Georgia’s two senate seats.

The poll, conducted between July 23 and July 24, sampling 750 likely voters, found that Perdue now leads Nunn by a margin of 46-40. In the last poll, conducted in late May, Nunn led Perdue by a slim margin of 45-42 so this represents a significant shift.

Ten percent of respondents say they remain undecided and four percent prefer “another candidate.”

After winning the primary runoff, Perdue scoffed at the idea that he didn’t have the experience that Nunn has.

“With my business career, I will prosecute the failed record of the last six years of Barack Obama,” Perdue said in his victory speech. “This fall, we’re going to have a clear choice.”

“Now you’ve got two outsiders talking about Washington, and now you get down to the issues,” Perdue said after his win. “Let’s talk about debt, the economy, and jobs and who brings more value to that debate. Someone who has been running a philanthropy for 15 years or whatever, or someone who has been out here, not to go bragging, competing in the real world?”