The latest on the presidential horse race.

Bad News For Democrats as Governor Races Swing Republican

With primaries in most states now over, most polls have turned to general election races with 33 senate and 36 governorships up for grabs this November. With President Obama’s approval ratings tanking, many of the races are starting to swing to the Republican side.

In Florida, after Survey USA and Quinnipiac polls both showed Democrat Charlie Crist leading the gubernatorial race by 5-6 points, a new CBS News/NY Times poll now shows Republican incumbent Rick Scott leading by 5 points and a new Rasmussen poll has Scott up by one.

In Illinois, CBS News/NY Times have Republican challenger Bruce Rauner leading incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn by 3 points while a Rasmussen poll shows Rauner leading by five.

In Michigan, after Republican Rick Snyder and Democrat Mark Schauer were tied in a PPP poll in June, CBS/NYT, Rasmussen, and EPIC-MRA now all have Snyder leading by 3 percent.

In Arkansas, where Democrat Mark Ross held a slim lead for most of the spring, Republican Asa Hutchinson now leads by 3-5 points, according to the CBS/NYT and Talk Business Polls.

In Wisconsin, incumbent Republican Governor Scott Walker has taken a slim 1 percent lead over Democratic challenger Mary Burke who had been tied with Walker since the spring.

In Colorado, incumbent Democrat John Hickenlooper held the lead over Republican Bob Beauprez since the beginning of polling season but the CBS News/NYT poll shows Beauprez in a tie with Hickenlooper while a Quinnipiac poll has the Republican up by one.

Arkansas is its own unique mess. A Landmark Communications poll has Democrat Jason Carter up by 7 while the CBS/NYT poll has Republican Nathan Deal leading by 9.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)