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Christie, Paul Lead Hillary in Colorado

PPP, 12/3-12/4

  • Clinton: 39, Christie: 46
  • Clinton: 45, Paul: 47
  • Clinton: 48, Cruz: 45
  • Clinton: 47, Bush: 43

A new Public Policy Polling survey has found that both Chris Christie and Rand Paul would defeat Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical 2016 matchup in the key swing state of Colorado. Clinton still has a slight lead over Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz in the Centennial State.

The poll, conducted between December 3 and December 4 with a sample of 928 registered Colorado voters, found that GOP frontrunner Chris Christie currently leads presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton 46-39 in Colorado with 15 percent still undecided. That’s right where a November Quinnipiac poll showed him, as Christie led Clinton 46-38. Christie has not trailed Clinton in Colorado since polling began.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has remained steady as well, leading Hillary by a slight two point margin, 47-45. In November, Paul led Clinton 47-44. Colorado is the first swing state where Rand Paul currently leads the former Secretary of State.

Fellow Tea Partier Ted Cruz didn’t fair as well, trailing Clinton 48-45. In November, Cruz was tied with Hillary 44-44. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was the lone other Republican asked about in the poll and currently trails the former First Lady 47-43.

The news isn’t good for the Clinton camp. In a matchup against Christie, Hillary would only muster 75 percent of the voters who voted for Obama in 2012 in Colorado. By comparison, she would get 88 percent of 2012 Obama voters against Paul and 91 percent against Cruz. Christie is clearly resonating with many on the left as 10 percent of “very liberal” and 19 percent of “somewhat liberal” voters say they would back the New Jersey Governor over Hillary. Obama carried Colorado in both of his elections.

Even among women, the vote is pretty split with 47 percent of women backing Hillary and 41 percent on Team Christie while 12 percent remain undecided. Clinton would get 50+ percent of the female vote against any other GOP candidate in the poll.

Among independent voters, the picture gets worse and calls into question Clinton’s viability in a general election. Independent voters in Colorado favor Christie to Hillary by a margin of 46-30 though more than one in four remain undecided.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)