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Christie’s Approval Rating Continues to Slide, Campaign in Jeopardy

Farleigh Dickinson University, 1/20-1/26
Christie Approval

  • Total: 48
  • Republicans: 73
  • Independents: 41
  • Democrats: 34

Over the last few weeks, we have been watching the New Jersey state approval rating polls as closely as we’ve been watching national 2016 polls because if Christie doesn’t have the support in his own homestate, he certainly isn’t likely to see much of it around the nation.

A new Farleigh Dickinson University poll has found that Christie’s approval rating has continued to slide and the Governor now finds himself with less than 50 percent of the state approving of the job he’s doing for the first time in years.

The poll, conducted between January 20 and 26, sampling 734 registered New Jersey voters, found that just 48 percent of the public approves of the job Christie is doing as Governor. In a poll released last week by Rutgers University, Christie’s approval was still at 53 percent. In the last Farleigh Dickinson University poll, taken back in October prior to Christie’s reelection, his approval rating stood strong at 61 percent.

Among those surveyed, 39 percent now disapprove of the job he’s doing, well up from 24 percent a few months ago.

Republicans have been a little slower than the rest of the voters to jump ship but Christie’s approval among GOP voters has fallen off as well. Just 73 percent of Republican voters now approve of the Governor, down from 84 percent prior to the election. Eighteen percent of Republican now disapprove, up from 8 percent in the last poll.

Among independents, the demographic that was Christie’s key to success, his approval rating has plummeted from 66 percent to just 41 percent with another 40 percent saying they disapprove of the job he’s doing.

If Christie had solid appeal among Democrats before, much of that is gone now as just 34 percent say they approve of the job he’s doing while 54 percent disapprove, well up from 40 percent in October.

Perhaps worst for Christie is that this isn’t a poll conducted after he’s weathered the storm. Not only have more accusations emerged in the last week but the Jersey guv also finds himself embroiled in a full federal investigation. It’s going to be hard for Christie to right the ship if he can’t even stop the bleeding.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)