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Fox News Poll: Hillary Clinton Takes Massive Lead in General Election

Fox News, 3/2-3/4

  • Clinton: 49, Christie: 38
  • Clinton: 51, Bush: 38
  • Clinton: 52, Cruz: 36

Since Chris Christie’s campaign took a downturn before it even began, Hillary Clinton has taken double-digit leads over just about every Republican in national polling. A new Fox News poll has found that Hillary leads every Republican by at least 11 percent in national head-to-head matchups.

The poll, conducted between March 2 and March 4, sampling 1,002 registered voters, found that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by a margin of 49-38 in a hypothetical 2016 general election matchup.

This news comes just three months after Christie took a slight lead over Clinton in national polling. Since the beginning of the Bridgegate scandal, Christie has fallen off and has now trailed Hillary by double-digits in four straight polls, going back to January.

The other candidates fare even worse. Texas Senator Ted Cruz trails the former First Lady by a margin of 52-36. The Tea Party favorite has now finished 15-18 points behind Clinton in four of the last five polls we’ve seen.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush trails the former New York Senator by a margin of 47-33. A Rasmussen poll has also found that Bush trails Hillary by about 14 points. This is actually something of an improvement as Bush trailed Clinton by 20 points in a CNN poll and a McClatchy/Marist poll conducted just over a month ago.

What’s interesting is that poll respondents heavily prefer Hillary despite not having a very favorable view of Barack Obama. Just 38 percent of respondents said they approve of the job Obama is doing as president while 54 percent disapprove.

It’s also interesting that Clinton has a significant amount of support from conservatives and Tea Partiers. Against Chris Christie, 32 percent of self-identified conservatives and 23 percent of Tea Party voters would vote for Hillary. A similar 32 percent of conservatives and 23 percent of Tea Party voters would vote for Clinton if the Republican nominee was Jeb Bush. Even if the nominee were Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz, Hillary would get 33 percent of the conservative vote and 27 percent of the Tea Party vote.

(Image courtesy of Chatham House, London)