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Fox News Poll: Hillary Leads Every Republican Candidate by 10+ Points

Fox News, 7/20-7/22

  • Clinton: 50, Christie: 40
  • Clinton: 52, Paul: 41
  • Clinton: 52, Bush: 39

A new Fox News poll shows presumptive Democratic nominee 10+ points ahead of every Republican candidate in a national survey.

According to the poll, conducted between July 20 and July 22, sampling 1,057 registered voters, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by 10 percent and every other candidate by an even greater margin.

Clinton leads Christie by a 50-40 margin and has led him by 8-11 percent in every Fox News poll this year.

The former First Lady also leads Kentucky Senator Rand Paul by a margin of 52-41, about the same as the 51-42 margin we saw in the last Fox poll in April.

The former New York Senator also leads former Florida Governor Jeb Bush by a 52-39 margin, the largest difference between the two candidates in any Fox poll thus far.

Among independent voters, however, Clinton could see some trouble.

Christie leads among independents with a 43-39 margin while Paul takes independents by a margin of 48-43. Clinton still leads Bush among independents by a strong 47-38 margin.

Clinton owns strong leads over all the candidates among women, leading Christie by 19 among female voters, Paul by 20, and Bush by 22.

Among men, however, she is tied with Christie at 45 percent apiece and tied with Paul at 47 percent each.

She still leads Bush among male voters by a 48-44 margin.

Fox News has been one of the few polling organizations to show very consistent numbers in their polling series and this latest poll shows a slightly larger edge of Clinton than the last two polls this year.

(Image courtesy of Marc Nozell)