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Hillary Clinton Gets 90 Percent of Democratic Vote, Chris Christie Just 66 Percent of GOP Vote

Rasmussen, 6/14-6/21

  • Clinton: 46, Paul: 39
  • Clinton: 45, Carson: 38
  • Clinton: 47, Rubio: 36
  • Clinton: 50, Cruz: 37
  • Clinton: 47, Christie: 33
  • Clinton: 50, Perry: 36

A new Rasmussen poll has found that Hillary Clinton still owns a large national lead over any potential Republican candidate and, more interestingly, that Republicans are struggling to gain support from their own party.

The poll, conducted as three surveys of 1,000 likely voters between June 14 and June 21, found that Hillary Clinton leads every potential Republican candidate by double-digits, except Rand Paul who is now within 7 percent of the presumptive Democratic nominee, and Ben Carson who is also within seven points.

Clinton still owns a 14 percent lead over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a 14 percent lead over Texas Governor Rick Perry, a 13 percent lead over Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and an 11 percent lead over Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

More interesting is the party breakdown. Hillary is poised to get 82-90 percent of the Democratic vote depending on what candidate she runs against. The Republicans aren’t doing nearly as well.

Only Kentucky Senator Rand Paul comes close, thus his close margin, with 79 percent of the Republican vote. Behind him are Cruz with 75 percent and Carson with 74.

On the other hand, just 71 percent of Republicans say they would vote for Perry, only 68 percent support Rubio, and a mere 66 percent of Republicans support Christie.

Among unaffiliated voters, Clinton also leads but to a lesser extent. She is ahead of the GOP opposition by 2-6 percent over Rubio, Christie, Cruz, and Perry. On the other hand, Paul and Carson both lead Clinton by 4 percent among independent voters.

(Image courtesy of US Embassy New Zealand)