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Hillary Clinton Set to Turn Arizona Blue According to New Poll

PPP, 2/28-3/2

  • Clinton: 44, Christie: 41
  • Clinton: 46, Paul: 43
  • Clinton: 47, Huckabee: 41
  • Clinton: 44, Bush: 45

We’ve seen Hillary Clinton take strong leads in swing states and even challenge in deep red states like Louisiana but a new PPP poll shows the former Secretary of State leading every potential Republican candidate outside of Jeb Bush in the traditionally red state of Arizona.

The poll, conducted between February 28 and March 2, sampling 870 Arizona voters, found that former First Lady Hillary Clinton leads Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and Mike Huckabee in The Copper State but trails Jeb Bush by a point.

In a hypothetical 2016 matchup against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Clinton leads among Arizona voters by a margin of 44-41. Christie leads Hillary among men, 44-41, but Clinton has a strong lead among women voters, leading the embattled New Jersey guv by a margin of 47-39.

In a hypothetical 2016 matchup against Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Hillary leads by a margin of 46-43. Like Christie, Paul has a 3 percent edge among male voters but Clinton leads the Tea Party favorite among women by a margin of 48-41.

In a hypothetical 2016 matchup against former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, the former New York Senator leads among Arizona voters by a margin of 47-41. Not only does Hillary have a big 50-40 lead among women voters, she leads the Fox News host among men as well.

The one candidate that gives Clinton the most trouble in Arizona is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Bush leads Clinton by a margin of 45-44, although the poll does have a 3.3 percent margin of error. Bush’s lead includes a strong 48-40 lead among male voters, although Clinton leads Jeb among women voters by a margin of 48-43.

Hillary’s strength in Arizona is somewhat unexpected. She even leads Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who’s not expected to run, among Arizona’s voters by a margin of 46-39.

What’s more is that the poll did not include a lot of liberals. Just 10 percent of respondents identified as very liberal and 18 percent said they were somewhat liberal. On the other hand, 29 percent said they were moderates, 26 percent identified as somewhat conservative, and 17 percent said they were very conservative. Either Clinton is a lot more popular among non-liberals than we thought or the current Republican pack is just very unpopular.

(Image courtesy of Center for American Progress Action Fund)