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If Not Chris Christie, Paul Ryan is 2016 GOP Frontrunner

NBC/Marist, 1/12-1/14
GOP, without Christie

  • Ryan: 15
  • Paul: 11
  • Bush: 11
  • Rubio: 10
  • Santorum: 7
  • Cruz: 6
  • Perry: 6
  • Walker: 5
  • Jindal: 5

There haven’t been a lot of polls done since Chris Christie’s multitude of scandals but, from the ones we have seen, the New Jersey Governor has plummeted in the general election polls and is no longer leading the pack in GOP primary polling. According to an NBC News/Marist poll, if Chris Christie was not in the race, Paul Ryan would be the de facto Republican frontrunner for the 2016 nomination.

The poll, conducted between January 12 and January 14, sampling 385 registered Republicans, found that if Chris Christie were not in the race, Paul Ryan would lead the GOP pack with 15 percent of the vote. In the latest GOP primary poll, that did include Christie, Ryan was tied with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul for first place in a very close race.

Without Christie in the race, however, Rand Paul trails Ryan with 11 percent of the vote. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also received 11 percent of the vote and could be seen by many as a moderate, non-Tea Party-affiliated candidate if Christie were to drop off or drop out.

Interestingly, Christie’s absence would heavily help Florida Senator Marco Rubio who received 10 percent of the vote among respondents. Rubio has not received double-digit support in any poll taken since November.

The rest of the pack would remain on the outside looking in, despite Christie’s votes being up for grabs. According to the poll, 26 percent of Republican primary voters would be undecided if Christie wasn’t in the race.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum received 7 percent, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Texas Governor Rick Petty both received 6 percent, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker received 5 percent, and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal received 4 percent.

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  • Joe

    Republicans still beating up on each other like fools.

  • DehliaLopez

    Sorry, thugs and liars are not going to get un no mattet how much money you raise or tricks played! Christie, is a fraid and a nully, not to mention a liar and wad involved with Bridgegate!

    Ryan is never even getting close for the second time around. He likes repeating himself. . . as in losing and there will be not be any retakes in this race.

    Not even as a President, the American people did not like or appreciate him then and they will not now. Seriously, don’t make us laugh.

  • Edward Porter

    They don’t have a Front Runner, that’s why their shoving that wannabee KY plant, Rand Paul down our throats. If Hillary runs, they don’t have a chance & all they’ll be able to do: get a job on Scared & Naked…….