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Mike Huckabee the Clear Front Runner in Iowa GOP Caucus: New Poll

PPP, 5/15-5/19
Huckabee: 20
Cruz: 15
Bush: 12
Paul: 10
Christie: 9
Ryan: 8
Walker: 6
Rubio: 4
Santorum: 3

After several polls showed former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee tied with Jeb Bush or within just a point of Bush and Paul Ryan, a new PPP poll has found that the Fox News host is starting to pull away.

The poll, conducted between May 15 and May 19, sampling 303 registered Iowa voters, found that Huckabee leads the Republican field with 20 percent of the vote.

This isn’t surprising, the last poll out of Iowa, conducted by Vox Populi and The Daily Caller in April, showed Huckabee with 20 percent of the vote as well. A previous Magellan poll had Huckabee at 17. What’s different is that the candidates behind him are starting to slip as voters opt for more fringe candidates.

Coming in a surprising second was Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 15 percent of the vote. This is the first time we have seen Cruz with more than 10 percent of the vote in Iowa and he had seen 9-10 percent in three of the last four polls to come out of the Hawkeye State.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, no longer enjoying that short period where everyone was talking about whether he would run, fell to third place with just 12 percent of the vote. Bush enjoyed a nice April in most polls, finishing with 17-18 percent in Iowa, but had consistently seen numbers in the low double-digits prior to that.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul finished fourth with 10 percent. Paul has now seen 8-11 percent in six straight Iowa polls so that seems to be where he stands right now.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie finished with 9 percent. Christie has now seen 7-9 percent in four of the last five polls conducted in Iowa.

Paul Ryan received 8 percent of the vote and has now seen 6-9 percent in five of the last six polls to include him.

No one else made much of a dent. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker received 6 percent, the same as the last poll we saw. Florida Senator Marco Rubio received 4 percent and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum received just 3 percent.